wp_aboutAt the age of 28, with his professional football career nearing its end, Brian Herosian was concerned about the future. At the time, Brian was playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League, where he had been named both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player in the CFL.

He had begun his professional football career with the Baltimore Colts. Even though the CFL signed him up less than three months after being cut from the Colts, Brian never forgot what happened to him in Baltimore: even in the high-status world of professional sports, you can lose your job and your income in an instant. So he was looking for a business to back up his primary income, which could then become his career once football was over. But what career would be as exciting—and have the income potential he was accustomed to—as professional football?

After looking into many business ventures, Brian was introduced to a marketing business by David Taylor, a former Colts teammate. Brian was immediately impressed with the opportunity to own his own business. It gave him tremendous flexibility, unlimited income potential, and a chance to do something that could involve the entire family. Brian was excited about the lifestyle that he and his family could have.

Brian had lost his first wife in a tragic automobile accident in which he was also injured. Although he recovered to play football again, Brian felt it was time to retire from the game and be a full-time parent to his three children, Ben, Amy, and Addison. Because Ben had been born with some physical challenges, it was especially beneficial for Brian to have been able to spend time with him while Ben was growing up. Brian’s growing business provided the best of both worlds: a great income plus the ability to schedule his time around his family.

As Brian has achieved success in his business, he also gives his time and energy to support worthwhile charities. He is especially active supporting Easter Seals and the U.S. Dream Academy due to the programs these organizations have developed to meet the needs of children and returning veterans. Brian has made charitable giving a priority in his life, as he truly understands the value of helping others, in particular children with special needs.

Today Brian enjoys spending time with his family, passing on his love of fitness to his fans in the Winnipeg area, and continuing to build his business all over North America.